Why Landmark

In the Path of Growth. Location, Location, Location!

The ability to leverage our land relationships, track record, AND have the capital available allow us to negotiate better development sites and more attractive rates.

Asset Diversification

Our platform enables you to diversify your investment across class A multifamily and industrial assets in Texas, Florida and Colorado.This provide you our partner safety and diversification.

Stewards of Capital

Long Term Investment Growth – We project 100% of our investor capital will be returned by year 3. This allows investors to recoup investment and still benefit from future cash flow and equity growth on built Class A Multifamily in the Sunbelt.

You inpower our team to build for US!

By having ready available equity we can focus on what matters most. Protecting and growing your capital by finding great sites, entitling, building amazing assets and leasing to best in class tenants. We build strong cash flow.

Hedge Against Inflation

We build best in class assets, so as inflation goes up, so do the rent and value. As crypto, equities and paper money goes down in value. The Multifamily we build together in the Sunbelt goes up in value.

Experienced Builder and Operator

We at Landmark have centuries of combined experience. You benefit from multiple round trips, development execution and leasing prouis. We get it done!

Why Landmark Companies?

Our track record has influenced our real estate development investment strategy, and most real estate investors agree that multifamily properties are a smart way to build wealth. In the long run, real estate is among the most stable investments for accumulating wealth. If you start investing in real estate early, it will help grow your net worth over time. Maximize your ROI while reducing risk by generating passive income from our diversified multifamily assets fund. Choosing Landmark means there’s no doubt that you will find exciting multifamily and CRE investment opportunities that earn high returns with a steady stream of passive income.

Whereas other real estate firms may provide a general real estate consulting service, we are focused on your specific real estate needs and requirements. Our team has a wealth of experience in financing, property management, construction contracts, and coordination with other trades/professions.

We realize that when it comes to real estate things can change quickly so our goal is always to be responsive and provide the best possible service at all times. In summary, we bring a wealth of real estate experience and relationships to your project so you can focus on what’s important: making it a success. Contact us and open the door to passive income streams generated from Landmark’s ever-expanding basket of Multifamily, Commercial, and Industrial Crowdfunding opportunities near Dallas Fort Worth, Chicago, Miami, Denver, and Minneapolis St Paul.

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